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Mate Mateo POP - BYTMate - 1

Mate Mateo POP

$ 20.90

Mate Mateo is a brand new product, brought to the US by www.BYTMate.com.

Mate Mateo POP comes in a fun multicolor combination!

The silicone mate (gourd) comes with the bombilla (metal straw) ready for you to use!

The bombilla or metal straw is bronze with a nickel plating bath. Wash it before you use the first time and after every use!

Fill with yerba mate and sweeten if you don't like it bitter with stevia, honey, sugar or any other sweetener you like. After you finish drinking mate, it has a simple emptying system, pushing the used yerba from the bottom. Always wash after every use.

Cheers and enjoy!

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