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A little information about SILICONE, the material which creates the Mate Mateo's!

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We thought you would like to know a little more about the silicone Mate Mateo production and properties.

First of all, silicone is not to be confused with the chemical element silicon.

The concept of silicone was first coined by the scientific Frederick S. Kipping in 1901. Professor Frederic Stanley Kipping (16 Aug 1863 - 1 May 1949) was an English chemist. He studied the different organic molecules that contained carbon and silica. Silica (silicon dioxide), is common in sandstone, beach sand, and similar natural materials, and is the initial material from which silicones are produced.

Properties: Silicones exhibit many useful characteristics, including:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: constancy of properties over a wide temperature range of −100 to 250 °C.
  • The ability to repel water and form watertight seals.
  • Resistance to hot water, detergents, humidity, radiation,
  • Hygienic: does not support microbiological growth.
  • Long utility life
  • Resists deformation
  • Use for sanitary and culinary purposes
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No toxicity

Environmental impact: No "marked harmful effects on organisms in the environment" have been noted for silicones. And silicone does not contaminate our environment.

Silicones are used in many products:

  • Cookware: Molds for chocolate, ice, cookies, muffins and various other foods; Non-stick reusable mats used on baking sheets; steamers, egg boilers or poachers, cookware lids, pot holders, trivets, and kitchen mats.
  • Baby products: Silicone rubber is commonly used in baby bottle nipples (teats) for its cleanliness, aesthetic appearance, and low extractable content.
  • Toys: Silly Putty and similar materials are composed of silicones with other ingredients. Silicone "rubber bands" are a long-lasting popular replacement refill for real rubber bands in the new "rubber band loom" toys.
  • Electrical (e.g., insulation), electronics (e.g., coatings), automobile (e.g., gaskets), airplane (e.g., seals), office machines (e.g., keyboard pads), medicine/dentistry (e.g., teeth impression molds), textiles/paper (e.g., coatings).

For these applications, an estimated 400,000 tons of silicones were produced in 1991.

Mate Mateo’s are produced with silicone, as you know!

And for those concerned with BPA (Bisphenol A), silicone is not a plastic...hence it does not contain BPA.

Mate Mateo is BPA FREE!

Hope you found these facts interesting.


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