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Creating a Grapefruit-Mate, enjoy healthy lifestyles!

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Specially refreshing for Summer, or as a warm option as well, have fun trying this recipe!

Also called Pomelo-Mate or Toronja-Mate for others in Spanish.

If you drink it cold it's like a different type of Terere. Terere is more usual to find in Paraguay, northern Argentina and south of Brazil, where they add cold iced water to mate as a fresh energyzing drink. There is what they call a Russian Terere which comes from adding juices, instead of water, to the mate gourd. It's called Russian Terere because its origins do not come from original guaranies, but from the Slovak or Slovenian immigrants to the area.

But this Grapefruit-Mate is the other way round! you add the yerba mate leaves to the fruit itself! you can also add other herbs if you want to test other flavors, like mint or chamomile.

Get creative and drink along!


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  • Janis Mate on

    Burn fat tea, as I call that liquid, is really a stimulant by having an component referred to as mateine. Mateine (you can reed more about benefits of mateine and xanthine in post “Xanthine – 6 benefits for your wellness“) which has similarities to caffeine, without a few of the known negative effects. The mateine in yerba mate might help improve your metabolic process while increasing your time.

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