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Video with some insight on our cool silicone Mate Mateo Gourds!

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MATEO is a silicone mate (gourd), to serve modern days mate drinking, through a cool aesthetic, and a variety of colors.

It has gone through a deep analysis of use, and innovates in the system through which it empties.

Does not fix tastes or odors (hence different flavors and sweeteners can be added).

Does not allow bacteria to fix.

The material is thermic, so it keeps the temperature of the yerba mate without heating the hand.

It’s flexible and unbreakable, hence easy to carry around.

The first silicone mate (gourd), winner of several worldwide awards.

Includes bombilla (metal straw). The bombilla or metal straw is bronze with a nickel plating bath. The holes have a good size on the ending ball, and it is dismountable. In our personal experience it does not clog. 

 Holds net weight: 40grs of loose leaf yerba mate.

 Drinking mate is not only healthy, but now it can also be COOL!


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