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First time use of Anna Park Yerba Mate!

So you got your package! And now you are so happy to prepare your first mate with Anna Park…it smells great…but WAIT! Don’t open the package yet!

Check this video to ensure you open it the right way:

This is why: This package has gone through extensive research on using the exact paper needed to let the yerba mate breathe. And furthermore, it has to be biodegradable. If plastic, or metal is used to close it, this package would not be biodegradable, which basically means that it cannot dissolve through microorganisms. The package is done with Kraft Paper, produced in Misiones, Argentina, which also supports local economies.

Therefore, role the paper back, confident that the yerba mate needs to breathe….in the end, you would not put a plastic cork to your best wine, because that would make it die! Same here, let it breathe, and keep it breathing for as many months as you store it.


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